Transport and drive elements

Transport and drive elements

For an efficient material flow or your products and an effective workflow of your processes, we offer a diverse range of conveyor and processing belts. We select the right type for you and tailor the belt to your individual requirements.

Forbo Siegling Transilon as well as Transtex conveyor and processing belts are being used in all areas, e.g. food processing, the automotive industry and the logistics for transporting or refining of your goods. The materials and designs are thereby ideally adjusted to the individual process requirements.

Our standard delivery program includes more than 170 different conveyor belt types and designs for a wide range of requirements:

  • for horizontal, inclined and curved conveying
  • smooth or textured
  • with profiles, corrugated edges and perforations
  • noiseless belts
  • heat-resistant belts
  • flame retardant belts
  • adhesive belts
  • static / highly conductive belts
  • knife edge belts
  • food belts

Depending on the belt type und its use, we apply firm and detachable continuous connections of all kinds. The individual assembly for requirement takes place at our company. In addition to our well-stocked material storage, we have a team of experienced employees as well as the best technical equipment.
  • wide cutting machine
  • various blanks for the preparation of the Z-joints
  • heat presses (up to 3500 mm belt width)
  • high-frequency welding machine
  • hot air power welding machine