Transport and drive elements

Drive and flat belts

For an efficient transmission of the highest performance, e.g. in turbine systems or as a precise drive solution for letter sorting - with our wide delivery range we have the right belt type for your usage.

High performance flat belts

Depending on the requirement, we can provide you with high performance flat belts in flexible to high-strength designs. Through the combination of different covers (leather, textile, rubber...), the function can be optimised for your individual requirement. For the utmost, force-fitted power transmission, many types can also be supplied with a continuously wound tension carrier.
Folder and carrier belts

Linatex coatings that achieve very high serviceable life are frequently used for folder and carrier belts. Product properties, such as excellent entrainment capacity and very good abrasion resistance, support the reliable and smooth procedure of their processes.
Continuous belts

In our range of products, we also offer so-called continuous belts, which ensure reliable and efficient processes for you, through their continuously woven and wound production without every weld and junction. These belts can master versatile material flow and drive tasks, through positive properties, such as temperature resistance, low-stretchability, flexibility and tear strength.

Individuality is a top priority for us - we tailor the perfect solution for your requirement through customised production!