Transport and drive elements

V-belts and round belts

PU-round and V-belts can be used for light to moderately heavy drive and transportation tasks. They are available in many different cross sections, they are inexpensive and easy to handle.

PU round and V-belts offer the following advantages:

  • high tensile strength
  • resistance to oils and fats
  • easy to weld into the system
  • quiet, cushioned operation
  • drive and deflection through the back of the belt is possible

Each round belt is only as good as its weld seam. Therefore, in addition to conventional mirror welding machines, we also offer friction welding machines, with which it is possible to produce reliable weld seams with polyurethane round and V-belts.

When using these devices, you benefit from many advantages:

  • fast and reliable handling
  • precision clamping jaws and automatic 0-position prevent offset welding seams
  • speed-controlled frictional heat guarantees complete welding

We are happy to modify the standard types entirely according to the individual requirements of your processes.

Let us advise you, we can offer a suitable solution for your requirement!