Transport and drive elements

Modular belts

Plastic modular belts consist of individual modules, which are movably connected to each other through inserted coupling rods. Siegling Prolink plastic modular belts are available in various lines, which are designed for diverse conveying and processing tasks.

Due to its modular structure, the system offers many variation possibilities, which are successfully used in various areas of the food and non-food fields:

  • when conveying
  • washing
  • portioning
  • drying and freezing
  • sorting and supplying

Due to the variety of the series, we also have exact modular belt for your requirement in our delivery spectrum.
Take advantage of the optimised features:

  • closed or highly permeable
  • easy to clean
  • excellent chemical and mechanical resistance
  • long-lasting and physiologically harmless

Due to numerous accessories, such as side plates, profiles, various gear wheel types and curved modules, we can offer you the right modular belt solution.