Complete conveyor systems

With us you receive both individual conveyors and entire conveyor systems.  The modular construction allows us to easily and cost-effectively configure customised transport solutions for your requirement. Depending on the process, you can choose between different types of drive, motor power and velocity, enabling a wide range of requirements.

Small conveyor system

Our individual conveyors can be operated separately as well as be integrated into your overall system. The light and space-saving designs can be realised in various lengths and widths, and enable the conveying process of up to 125 kg.


Plate chain conveyor system

In the field of spiral conveyors, we have relied on the advantages of Deniconda. This is the innovative concept of the curve support in the inner radius, which eliminates the dynamic friction on the inside and makes the entire construction highly efficient, light and highly loadable. This conveyor can be delivered as a complete, ready-to-fit functional unit.



We are happy to advise you and find the right solution for your requirement!